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Routine Exams

Our friendly staff is happy to help keep your smile looking its best with routine care exams.


An ideal restoration solution that looks and feels similar to the natural tooth.


This thin piece of porcelain or plastic is secured over the front of teeth to mask any undesired features.

Crowns and Bridges

Custom made bridges discreetly restore the contour of teeth while crowns are fixed to the top of a tooth to restore function following a procedure.


Transform your smile into a radiant white with our professional whitening treatments.

Paw Pal Appointment

Going to the dentist doesn't have to intimidating. With a Paw Pal Appointment our sweet dog, Daisy, will sit with you through your visit and be a constant symbol of support throughout your visit.
Download more information about Paw Pal

Other Services

We're proud to offer a wide array of services for every dental need including bonding, cosmetic contouring, specialty dentures, cosmetic fillings, sealants, root canal therapy, extractions, scaling and root planing, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry. For more information on what service best suits your needs contact us here or book your appointment today.
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